The TinyBox is a little Black Box which offers huge MIDI functionality with an intuitive programming interface. It allows you to turn the Behringer FCB1010 into a highly advanced controller with full control over the most complex rig. The accompanying free Mac and Windows software allows you to display a customized status view of your rig in the browser. Connect an iPad to the WIFI accesspoint of your Macbook or Windows laptop, and you can have a wireless status display in front of you!  

Attention : 

Be aware that the TinyBox connects to the FCB1010 using a single 7-pins MIDI connector, so this requires some conversion. Therefore you might probably be interested in the single-cable-kit option, which provides this conversion for you. The MIDI cable set option on the other hand consists of standard MIDI cables (7-pins and 5-pins), which you might find at a lower price in one of the large online shops. 


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Single Cable Kit Installation Manual (1.04 MB) Download
TinyBox User Manual (5.69 MB) Download

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FCB1010 Single Cable Kit

This upgrade kit allows you to connect the Behringer FCB1010 to the TinyBox using 1 single MIDI cable. The single cable carries bi-directional MIDI plus phantom power. After installing the kit, it is no longer necessary to connect a power cord to the FCB1010, no more need for a power outlet at your feet!..

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With the JackBox you can connect 2 external footswitches and 2 extra expression pedals to your TinyBox. Just like the FCB1010 switches and expression pedals the functionality of the extra switches and pedals is fully programmable in the TinyBox...

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